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Stanwood's "Precision Touch Design"Your Piano Can Feel The Way It Should

With Stanwood’s "Precision Touch Design" (PTD)it is now possible for you to have your piano action feel the way you have always wanted it to feel. If the touch of your piano is too heavy, uneven or too light, it can be changed to what you want it to be. I am an authorized installer of the Stanwood PTD system ( ) and would be happy to work with you.

It is a patented system of measuring and fine tuning each weight, leverage, and friction component in each key. The result is an instrument that plays with the kind of feel and sound that you want. This system can dramatically improve the quality of a rebuilt or restored piano. It is also frequently used to improve new pianos and makes possible the customization that was never possible before.

"Precision Touch Design" can make the task of playing the piano easier, especially for those who have difficulty playing because of a weakness or other problems in their hands. The touch of a piano can be made very light for those that it would benefit. The system can also be installed so that the touch is adjustable. The piano’s touch can be made heavier or lighter as the need arises.

When the parameters of weight, ratio, and friction are consistent from note to note, the touch and response will be consistent as well. These parameters can be used and varied to achieve the touch you want in your piano. Installing a PTD system is a very detailed and precise procedure that can bring out the potential of any fine piano and give you the control of the keyboard that you have never had before.

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