Baby Grand Piano

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Baby Grand Piano

When people think of grand pianos they are usually thinking of a baby grand piano. Grand pianos come in many sizes. They range in size from about 4’7”to 10’2”. The length of the piano is determined by taking the longest cabinet measurement from front to back. Baby grand is not a specific size but is generally around 5 feet in length. A grand that had a length of about 5 feet, give or take a few inches would normally be considered a baby grand.

Baby grand pianos are probably the most popular size that is sold today. They may be selected because of the size is appropriate for the room or the price is appropriate for the budget. Their size lets them fit into a tighter space but you still get that look of an exquisite grand piano. Grand pianos are beautiful pieces of furniture and sometimes they are purchased for just that reason. Baby grand pianos usually have the best choice of colors and finishes. However, as well as a being a beautiful piece of furniture it also has a practical function for those who can play. For those who purchase a piano but are not able to play it, a popular option on grand pianos today is adding a player system to it such as PianoDisc system.

I usually recommend that you buy the largest piano that will fit into the room and your budget because it will have a fuller, richer tone. But sometimes a small grand piano is exactly the size that is appropriate for the situation and will satisfy most people.

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