Baby Grand Piano Prices

Baby grand piano prices can have a large range. The price range is very much determined by the size and quality of the piano. Baby grand is not a technical term describing a specific length of a piano. Baby grand pianos are usually considered to be about 5’ to 5’4” in length. However, some Asian made pianos are as short as 4’7”. You can see that there can be as much as a 9” difference in what is considered a baby grand. Baby grand piano prices can vary from under $10,000 for a less expensive Asian made piano to close to $100,000 for a baby grand piano made in Europe. An example of a high end baby grand made in Europe is the 5’ 3” Sauter piano. One model is over $90,000 depending on the value of the euro versus the dollar.

In the world of pianos bigger is usually considered better. The reason being that a larger piano will have a longer strings and a bigger soundboard. With craftsmanship being equal, a larger piano will sound better than a smaller one. If you want better sound you should purchase a piano larger than the baby grand. However, many times a baby grand is appropriate due to budget constraints or space limitations. It is usually best to get the largest piano that you can afford and can accommodate in the room in which it will be placed.

A word about the baby grand piano prices is appropriate here. The least expensive come from Asia and usually from China specifically. The quality usually does not compare to the best pianos made in America or Europe, but they have improved a lot in the last few years. On the other hand, the prices of European pianos have gone up significantly in just last few years. This is not because the quality has improved (the quality is already high) but because of the euro has gained so much strength against the dollar. If you can afford it a fine European or American made piano is a great choice and is prestigious to own but isn't necessary for most people to enjoy the piano. Still, the rule of thumb is to buy the best that you can afford since quite often a piano purchase is once in a lifetime purchase.

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