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Automatic Player Pianos - Have Fun With Your Piano Again

“Automatic Player pianos” (or just player pianos) have come a long way from the old roll type player pianos. Today the more popular type player is the digital player piano. For those not interested in nostalgia but just want good music, this is the way to go.


The new player systems can be installed in the piano you have now or a new one you may decide to purchase. Keep in mind only the player system is digital and it is installed in a regular acoustical piano.

There has been an evolution in “automatic player pianos” over the years. The roll type player piano is still being manufactured. The next system was one that used a cassette tape programmed with digital signals as the music source. It uses a system of magnetic solenoids to make the keys play the piano. The advantage of this player system was that it could be retrofitted into most acoustical pianos. However, it had very little volume control and no expression.

The next generation of player piano systems used a 3.5” floppy disk to store digital signals for its music source. Volume control and tempo control were greatly improved. This new player piano system could also transpose and you could listen to the music and the key of your choice. You could also record what you played to a floppy disk. This new system enabled the piano to play back the music with expression instead of just one volume level. A great new option to this new system was that you could have a background music playing along with the piano. It sounded like a small combo playing. The background music came from computer sampled and generated sounds and required a sound module to produce the music.

The next generation of player pianos used CDs to make the piano play. CDs have the advantage of being able to record “live” background music instead of computer-generated sounds. CDs are also available now that have live vocals on them too. This adds a whole new dimension to the concept of player pianos. Imagine having a live piano music with a live band accompaniment and live singing right in your own living room anytime you want. Another advantage of the CD system is a separate sound module is not required because everything is recorded live and is not using computer-generated sounds.

The newest player piano systems are wireless and use Bluetooth technology. The appropriate app is downloaded on your iPhone or iPad and it controls the piano. It is no longer necessary to have to have a control box attached to the piano. When you order new music, it is sent directly to your chosen device.

I am an authorized dealer and factory trained installer for the Pianodisc System.

I can install one in the piano that you currently have or I can sell you a new piano with a system installed. Keep in mind if you wanted it installed in your existing piano, the piano must be in very good condition and regulation for optimum performance. Either way you will be amazed at how the piano plays and how it sounds like you have someone sitting in front of your piano playing for you.

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Please call me so we can discuss your needs and decide the best way for you to have live piano music in your home so you can enjoy it anytime you please. 559-359-4523

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