A Piano Disc Player Can Be Installed In New And Used Pianos

Piano Disc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of player piano systems today. It is the most popular retrofit system currently available. The company was started in 1988 by the Burgett Brothers, Gary and Kirk. They previously owned a piano store where they sold and installed The Pianocorder system. When Yamaha bought the rights to Pianocorder in 1988 and took it off the market there was nothing available to replace it. Kirk and Gary decided to design and manufacture their own player system and Piano Disc was born.

The new system system consists of a lot of electronic circuitry that send digital signals from a CD to magnetic solenoids that make the piano play. The solenoids push up the back of the keys so the keys are moving and you are actually hearing live piano music.

You Can Have Great Pianists Playing Your Piano

Imagine listening to great pianists from the past and present playing the right in your own living room. It is possible with the Piano Disc system. It even has live background music recorded on the CDs. It will sound like you have a small combo group playing right in your house. You can even have singing with a piano because some CDs have live vocals programmed on them. The piano will become the center of attention when you entertain your friends.

Player Pianos Aren't What They Used To Be

PianoDisc is not the player piano of old. It is truly a player piano system for the 21st century. It has full 88 note playback with 127 levels of expression on each key. This allows your piano to play like the original artists, full of musical expression instead of the mechanical sound of the old roll players.

Today, PianoDisc systems are in private homes, hotels, restaurants, music schools, recording studios and many other places, bringing the joy of live music to anyone who hears them. And you can have one in your own home.

PianoDisc has options available including record capability and several different ways to manage the music input to the piano.

Your Piano Can Be A Player Piano

The system can be installed in almost any piano including new or used, and grands or uprights. You can turn your piano into a player piano with the PianoDisc system.

If you like music and if you like the piano, you'll love PianoDisc.

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